Module Content

Top tips and tricks for introducing solids from a clinical nutritionist • Discover how introducing solids influences your baby’s gut microbiome • Set your child up for a lifelong love of wholesome food and good health • Prebiotics and probiotics

    1. Key Insights

    1. Solids and Baby Gut Health

    1. Round Table Discussion on Solids and Baby Gut Health

    2. Solids and Baby Gut Health with Brittany Darling

    3. Solids and Baby Gut Health with Kirsten Palmer

    1. The Microbiome in Older Babies

    2. Healthy Environments

    3. Interview with Paediatric Immunobiologist

    1. Microbial Ambassadors Against Food Allergies

    2. Bifidobacteria Supplementation in Preventing Allergy Development in Infants

    1. The Introduction To Solid Foods and Gut Microbiota Stability

    2. Introducing Solids, Gut Health and Immunity

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