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Learn to support your newborn baby’s microbiome development • The wonder and struggles of breastfeeding - Receive expert advice and knowledge • Why diet during breastfeeding is important • Breast milk HMO’s and bifidobacterium • The critical window of the first 4 months and the development of the baby’s immune system • Should you consider probiotics? The latest science behind bifidobacterium and infant health • Which bifidobacterium supplements are best supported by research to be effective? • Premature babies in the NICU

    1. Key Insights

    1. Breastfeeding and Baby Immunity

    1. Round Table Discussion on Breastfeeding and Baby Immunity

    2. Breastfeeding and Baby Immunity with Dani Susic

    3. Breastfeeding and Baby Immunity with Brittany Darling

    4. Breastfeeding and Baby Immunity with Steven Leach

    5. Breastfeeding and Baby Immunity with Hannah Dahlen

    1. The Microbiome in a Newborn Baby

    2. Interview with Paediatric Immunobiologist

    3. How the Microbiome Affects Immune System Development in Newborns

    4. Breastfeeding and the Microbiome

    1. Life Goal: A Balanced Gut

    2. Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Microbiome

    3. Gut Bacterium Could Play a Role in Reducing the Risk of Children’s Food Allergies

    4. Childhood Asthma and the Gut Microbiome

    5. Eczema and the Infant Microbiome

    6. The Persistent Gut Microbiota in Infancy and it’s Origin

    7. The Phases of Development of the Gut Microbiome in Babies and Children

    8. How the Gut Microbes You're Born with Affect Your Lifelong Health

    1. Bifidobacteria and Immunity

    2. Research Review

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