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Learn about choices you may not realise you have during pregnancy • Maternal fetal transfer and planning mode of delivery • Discover the ways in which diet affects your pregnancy, health, and baby – Mediterranean and whole food diet • Learn about the impact of antibiotics during pregnancy, and examine your options • Microbiome signatures of pregnancy complications • Environmental exposure • Obesity and pregnancy complications, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia

    1. Key Insights

    1. Pregnancy Power

    1. Round Table Discussion on Pregnancy Power

    2. Pregnancy Power with Dani Susic

    3. Pregnancy Power with Brittany Darling

    4. Pregnancy Power with Hannah Dahlen

    5. Pregnancy Power with Kirsten Palmer

    1. The Microbiome in a Newborn Baby

    2. How Mode of Birth Affects The Microbiome

    3. Your Microbiome During Pregnancy

    4. Interview with Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Dr Dani Susic

    5. How Mode of Birth Affects The Microbiome

    1. The Link Between Pregnancy Diet and Baby Health

    2. Eating (Well) For Two

    3. High Fat Diet, Obesity and Microbiota

    4. The Effect of Adherence to a Mediterranean Diet

    1. All About Pre and Probiotics

    2. Prebiotics and Probiotics Video

    3. Do You Need a Probiotic During Pregnancy?

    4. Is Probiotic Supplementation During Pregnancy Important for Labour?

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