Module Content

Learn to eat to best support your pregnancy, birth and future baby • Discover the importance of your microbes, how to feed them best, and the impact that this may have on your pregnancy and baby • The vital role of lactobacillus • Partner health

    1. Key Insights

    1. Pre-pregnancy Planning

    1. Round Table Discussion on Pre-Pregnancy Plan

    2. Pre-Pregnancy Plan with Dani Susic

    3. Pre-Pregnancy Plan with Brittany Darling

    4. Pre-Pregnancy Plan with Hannah Dahlen

    5. Pre-Pregnancy Plan with Kirsten Palmer

    1. Impact of the Male Microbiome on Fertility

    2. Your Microbiome During Pregnancy

    3. How Diet Affects Your Microbiome

    4. Interview With Fertility Expert Leah Hechtman

    5. Interview With Nutritionist Brittany Darling

    1. Fertility Starts with The Microbiome

    2. Fertility and the Microbiome

    3. Maternal Gut Microbiota Changes and Periconceptional Diet

    1. A Fertility Diet with Aviva Romm MD

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