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Gain an understanding of the microbiome - What it is, what it does, and why it’s important • Discover the impact your microbiome has on your general health, fertility, pregnancy, birth, and the health of your baby • Factors affecting the microbiome: Diet and lifestyle – the best diet for the microbiome, prebiotics and probiotics, antibiotics, mode of delivery, breastfeeding, introduction of solids, environment and furry pets • Partner health

    1. Key Insights

    1. Gut Health For Future Generations

    1. Round Table Discussion on Gut Health for Future Generations

    2. Gut Health for Future Generations with Dani Susic

    3. Gut Health for Future Generations with Brittany Darling

    4. Gut Health for Future Generations with Steven Leach

    5. Gut Health for Future Generations with Hannah Dahlen

    6. Gut Health for Future Generations with Kirsten Palmer

    1. Your Microbiome

    2. The Pre-Pregnancy Microbiome

    3. How Diet Affects Your Microbiome

    4. Impact of the Male Microbiome on Fertility

    5. Simple Lifestyle Choices Can Make a Big Difference

    6. Interview With Nutritionist Brittany Darling

    7. When Should Women Begin Thinking About Their Microbiome?

    1. Your Diet Can Affect Your Gut Health

    2. Which Diet Does Science Say is Best for Gut Health?

    3. Summary of The ‘American Gut Project’ Findings

    4. Listen to Farmer and Chef Matthew Evans Talk About How to Make Smarter Food Choices

    1. Microbiome Manipulation

    2. Gut Health and the Microbiome

    3. Fertility and the Microbiome

    4. Microbiome Before Pregnancy and it's Impact on Successful Conception

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