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Be in charge of your contraception and learn about different contraception options • Become aware of your own fertility and relevant testing options, such as free genetic testing • Learn how to make healthy choices to optimise your health in preparation for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

    1. Key Insights

    1. The Power to Decide

    1. Hear It From The Experts

    1. Transcript from the MothersBabies Panel Discussion, Part 1

    1. Literature Review for MothersBabies

    2. Changes in the Gut Microbiota

    3. Changes in the Oral Microbiota

    4. Changes in the Vaginal Microbiota

    5. The Microbiome of the Placenta

    6. What Will MothersBabies Offer The Research World?

    7. References

    8. Maternal Gut Microbiota Changes and Periconceptional Diet

    1. ‘The First Thousand Days: An Evidence Paper’

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