Module Content

Empower yourself with information to help you make informed decisions about the future, from maybe to baby • Discuss AMH testing to check egg levels (and other relevant hormone tests) • Examine in depth the benefits and costs of genetic testing • Your eggs don’t go to the gym, the rate of fertility declines on average after the age of 27

    1. Key Insights

    1. Fertility Curiosity

    1. Round Table Discussion on Fertility Curiosity

    2. Fertility Curiosity with Dani Susic

    3. Fertility Curiosity with Brittany Darling

    4. Fertility Curiosity with Kirsten Palmer

    1. Hear It From The Experts

    1. Transcript From the MothersBabies Panel Discussion Part 2

    1. Maternal Gut Microbiota Changes and Periconceptional Diet

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